Classic Torque 
thrust design with tire tread on the sides. this measures 5/8" across the top with a nice heavy shank
Send me your ring size and I will make your ring in that size. 
If not, rings can be sized by any competent jeweler. 
On bands with a continous pattern, please let me know your correct size. 
Any sizing of these rings will result in a broken pattern. 
I always prefer to cast a ring in the customers correct size.

All weights are approximate and will vary according to type of metal and finger size of rings.
Hotrod Rocks assumes no responsibility for any allergic skin reaction to any metal.
All silver jewelry will acquire a "patina" after being worn for awhile.
Always use caution wearing jewelry while working on vehicle.
All products are guaranteed for 1 year against defects in workmanship, and stone loss.
Any enamaling is guaranteed for six months.Items not covered:
Any finish; polish or matte. Any piece that has abused.
We offer FREE Inside Ring Engraving on all orders!!
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Ace of Skulls Ring
This sterling silver ring features a 14k yellow skull,weighs 14 gr. and is 17 m.m. top to bottomtext.
Winged Heart Ring
Sterling Silver 
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Skull Wrenches Ring
Sterling Silver 
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Ladies Crossfire Ring
this compliments our two flame earrings
Ladies Wheel Ring 
a smaller version of our popular mans ring.

Limeted Edition 14k 
2 Tone Cross Ring.
The cross is 14k white gold with 
1/3 ct. black diamonds, with a 
14k yellow gold shank

12g. gold weigt, 
the cross measures 16m                                                                      $1000.00
Men's Piston Ring
Wrap around design The top of this ring measures about 3/8" wide by 5/8" long. Check out the smaller ladies version too!
8.9 gr.ams SS 

Ladies Piston Ring
This is a smaller version of the mans Piston ring.  the piston top is 6 m.m. wide and 5 1/2 m.m. long- 3 gramsCSS

Claddagh Cross Ring
Another variation of the ladie's caladdah ring, the cross is just over 9 m.m. 
3.2 gr
Maltese Cross Ring
This no-nonsense cross is a 16 m.m wide rough finished cross surrounded by a polished edge and shank. - 10 grams

Narrow Flame Ring
Cheap price! (not cheaply made) This continuing pattern ring is approx. 5 1/2 m.m. wide, (it varies)  and features alternating polished and brushed finished flames.                                   3.0 grams ss

Retro V8 Ring
This is a big a-- ring. at 17.5 m.m. from top to bottom, this Art Deco styled ring  isn't for the faint-of-heart! -14.5 grams
V8 Black Onxy Ring
This is the classiest V8 ring out there. (yes I'm biased, but so what) What could be more classic than a V8 emblem on top of a 16X12 m.m Black Onyx bezel set into a signet style ring?

V8 Signet Ring
12 grams - 16x12 high polished sides 
with contrasting background                                                                                                                            
V8 Claddagh Ring
For the ladies, this is a hotrodders twist on the classic Caladdah ring. The V8 is 13 m.m from top to bottomC3.21 gr  - SS

Crossed Flags
16X12 oval signet style ring with crossed checkered flags over a black background 15.0 grams
Solid Flame Ring
7 1/2 m.m wide with high polished flames and edges over a contrasting finish background. This continuing pattern band is made to order so please include your ring size - 6.02 grams 

Slot Wheel Ring
Pretty simple, this is a 15.5 m.m. polished slot wheel, with a brushed finished shank. there's nothing like a cheap slot! (sorry)
10.4 grams
Wrench Ring
18 m.m. max width, this simple ring is popular with both guys and gals. Please specify standard or metric.  (just kidding)
- 4.9 grams  - SS

Crossed Pistons 

Wide  Piston Band
13 m.m wide, 15.5 grams of sterlling silver. high polish
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Weighing in at 17.5 grams and measuring 20 m.m top to bottom, this is the largest ring we make. Guaranteed to leave an impression on someone...
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 Narrow Piston Band     
A smaller version of our wide piston band, this ring  is 8m.m. wide and weighs about 8g of silver
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Cut Out V8
same dimensions (16x12) as our other v8 rings.featuring a cut-out background and a durable stone finish
$ 80.00
$ 79.00
$ 175.00
We make all of our rings to whatever size you need! 
Right now we are changing a few things on the website to make it more user friendly. I apologize for the inconvience, but until then please order your rings by phone so we can get your correct ring size. Or, you can still order online and drop me an email with your correct size at
All of our rings are made of a special tarnish resistant sterling silver alloy.                   All rings are also available in 14k yellow or white gold.
$165.00dd text.

C        $35.00

   SS-10 gr-$135.00

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A larger and more detailed version, measuring 7/8" across the top and weighing 11 grams